Course ISE487
Title Research in Computer Science
Credits 0 - 6 Credits
Course Coordinator

Himanshu Gupta


An independent research project with faculty supervision. Only three credits of research electives (AMS 487, CSE 487, BME 499, ESE 499, ESM 499, ISE 487, and MEC 499) may be counted toward technical elective requirements. May not be taken for more than six credits.

Prerequisite Permission of instructor and department
Course Outcomes
  • Introduce students to independent research through faculty supervision.
  • Provide a mechanism for students to explore a topic of interest in depth not otherwise possible in the undergraduate curriculum.


Major Topics Covered in Course

The topics depend on the project. Any topic within computer science is possible, subject to approval of the faculty member supervising the project. Projects may involve publishable research or other experience in software design and implementation

Some sample projects include:

  • Web server with streaming media, developed for the university's Center of Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT).
  • Propositional logic proof environment, developed in consultation with a faculty member writing a textbook on logic.
  • Emergency room patient screening system, developed in consultation with people at Stony Brook University Hospital.

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