Who to contact for exemption from Student Health Insurance fee in my Tuition cost for this semester in SOLAR?

It should be removed in about a month after your appointment is finalized, but if there is an issue you will need to take a printout of your DocuSign appointment to the Bursar's or Registrar's office to prove that you are employed here and they can remove the fee.

If I wish to enroll in UMR now, will I get the money back which is already deducted from my paycheck?

You will also pre-pay for the 28 days of continuous coverage for UMR and have a double deduction taken from your RF paycheck.  You will also need to re-apply for TA/GA coverage in the fall by completing a new enrollment form and submitting your proof documents.  

Do I need to enroll in UMR again given that I have already enrolled in the NYSHIP health plan?

You do not need to enroll in the UMR health insurance since you have already completed the paperwork to continue your health insurance under NYSHIP for the summer.  If you did not want to move forward and enroll in UMR, it will take 6 to 8 weeks for you to receive reimbursement of the money paid for the summer continuation. Because payroll is processed 2 weeks in advance, you will continue to receive the deductions for NYSHIP summer continuation coverage.