Graduate FAQs Type
  1. All students: loss of support and tuition waiver, if any. In addition, part time students cannot work or live on campus.
  2. International students: Will loose legal status. The consequences might be severe and result in a disruption of the continuation of graduate studies.
  3. A domestic student who does not have financial support must register for at least one credit (or request a leave of absense) for each of the semestors prior to graduation. Failure to do so will entail a hefty fee and the need to file for reinstatement.
  4. Graduating students must be registered in the semester in which they plan to graduate. For summer semesters it can be 0 credits of CSE 800 (or any other CSE course). For Spring and Fall semesters, a domestic graduating student can register for 1 credit. An international student must be registered full time during Fall and Spring, as explained below.
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