Some traditional job titles include Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Systems/Network/Database Administrator, Computer Architect and Designer. However, computer scientists hold positions as diverse as the applications of computer technology -- ranging from Computer Animators to Engineering Managers, Team Supervisors and more. Some of our graduates work for companies located on Long Island such as Broadridge Financial Solutions, Applied Visions and Softheon,, while the rest pursue opportunities around the country or even the world at large. We have our graduates at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and many others. Our graduates also find positions in the financial industry - top Wall Street companies such as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase have hired dozens of our graduating undergraduates over the past few years. There are many positions in the Government sector as well, including those related to National security. Northrop Grumman Corporation, one of of the largest defense companies, has a significant presence on Long Island and employs many of our graduates. Our top undergraduate students often choose to continue their education to a graduate level. You can also look here for other types of occupations related to Computer Science.

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