Information systems workers can be found in most major companies and virtually all companies in the Information Technology industry. There is a wide spectrum of such jobs, but many require an understanding of the business of the company, use computer systems, and serve as an interface between non-technical users/employees and software developers. For example, the Stony Brook University Medical Center employs well over 100 IT workers, yet they would not characterize any of them as Computer Science workers. These workers are concerned with the operation of the Medical Center servers and networks, the selection, training, testing, and installation of software package, the training of users, along with a variety of other tasks. In a software organization, the IS work typically includes requirements gathering and analysis, interface design, marketing, quality assurance, channel management, and training. These jobs usually do not directly involve software development, but require an understanding of the issues in software development as well as a comprehensive understanding of the use of software systems, along with good communication skills.

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