Thank you to our CS Friend, Yahoo!


An ongoing collaboration between faculty member Steven Skiena and Yahoo labs has led to the generous donation of 160 servers to the Department of Computer Science. The servers, donated as part of Yahoo’s YSTAR Program, will be used to advance cutting-edge research in machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and computational biology. As of June 2015, Yahoo has donated over 5,000 servers to more than 40 universities in the U.S. and abroad.

As Professor Skiena writes, “Big data research requires access to large-scale computing. Yahoo’s generous YSTAR donation significantly strengthens the computing power we can offer Stony Brook Students working in our Data Science Laboratory”.

With this gift, Yahoo joins Google and Facebook as the third member of Stony Brook’s CS Friend program, a cooperative designed to facilitate interaction between industry and the CS department. We thank Yahoo again for this contributions which you could read more about here.