Mobile and Sensor Networks Lab

Location NCS-236
Mission We focus on network design that will achieve the maximum potential of networked sensors, to revolutionize the way we observe, interact with and influence the physical world. The major technical challenges of sensor networks include scalable network self-organization, as well as efficient processing of the massive amount of spatially and temporally distributed data, under the constraint of limited computation and communication resources.

Specific Projects: 
Network localization: We develop efficient localization algorithm in which sensors collaborate with each other to locate themselves and self-organize into a connected network.
Topology discovery: We work on distributed algorithms that discover and maintain high-order topological features (e.g., holes not covered by sensors) or the geometric shape of the sensor field.
Mobility: We work on heterogeneous sensor networks that integrate mobile nodes (robots, people holding cell phones) with static monitoring sensor nodes and foster novel applications.

Coordinator Jie Gao
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