Course CSE507
Title Introduction to Computational Linguistics

An introduction to the techniques, literature, technologies and current challenges of computational linguistics. Survey covers four areas of computational linguistics using English as example language: mathematical foundations, syntax, semantics and discourse.


CSE 537

Credits 3 - credits
Course Outcomes
  • Make students familiar with the range of tools and techniques used in computational linguistics. Show them where to find the literature in this field, and give them confidence in reading it. In short, improve their abilities as computational linguists.
  • Give students the ability to look at a computational linguistics task and identify useful techniques for solving it. Encourage them to think creatively and give them experience in planning and conducting experiments in this field. In short, improve their abilities as researchers.
  • Encourage students to collaborate with others in different fields. Because this course is interdisciplinary, computer scientists end up working with linguists and psycho-linguists, which is exactly what happens in computational linguistics all the time.

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