Course CSE502
Title Computer Architecture

Instruction Pipelines and Memory Caches to Improve Computer Performance. Instruction-Level Parallelism . Machines: Superscalar versus VLIW. Cache and Main Memory Hierarchy Design Tradeoffs. Compiler Optimizations to Speed Pipelines. Low-Power Computer System Design: Processor, OS, and Compiler Support. Graphics, DSP and Media Processor Design. Disk I/O System Design. Interconnections and Networking. Introduction to Parallel Architecture. Advanced Topics: Asynchronous Microprocessors, FPGA-based Reconfigurable Computing, System on a Chip, Embedded Processors, Intelligent RAM and Superconducting Computers.

Prerequisite CSE 320
Credits 3 - credits
Course Outcomes
  • Provide a conceptual understanding of how computer hardware and software work.
  • Introduce students to important classes of software applications such as text editors, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • Explain the basic architecture and technologies of the Internet.

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