System & Network Administration

Core Courses

ISE 311

System Administration

ISE 321

Network Administration

ISE 331 or CSE 405     

Computer Security or Network Security

ISE 337 or CSE 337

Scripting Languages

ISE 488 or ISE 487

Research in Information Systems

CSE 370 or EST 393

Wireless and Mobile Networking or Project Management


  1. Note: For students using a graduation checklist (prior to fall 2014) that required ISE311 or ISE321 as a core course, one of the following courses can be substituted for either ISE311 or ISE321:
    • CSE214 (Computer Science II)
    • CSE310 (Computer Networks) or ISE316 (Introduction to Networking)⁴
    • ISE218 (Fundamentals of Information Technology)
    • EST305 (Application Software for Information Management)
    • EST393 (Project Management)
  2. Students must complete a specialization in Business and Economics, System & Network Administration, or Technological Systems Management. Alternatively, a student may design a specialization in another application area of information systems in consultation with the ISE Undergraduate Director before the courses for the specialization are completed.
  3. Also eligible when offered as ISE391 (spring 2013)
  4. Also eligible when offered as CSE390/ISE390 (fall 2011)
  5. Also eligible when offered as ISE391 (spring 2012) or ISE390 (spring 2013)