CS Intranet

Computing facilities for undergraduate students are maintained by both the University Computing Center and the Department of Computer Science. Available facilities are listed here.

Below are the important links to get help:
RT Home Page- It is a web based reporting tool for submitting a problem ticket to resolve IT infrastructure related issues.

  • RT is our focal point for tracking tasks and issues, and prioritizing them
  • You (users) don't need to do anything special -- you can just send email to RT. RT will acknowledge your message, automatically routing it to the appropriate system staff, making sure all future correspondence gets to the right place and update you on its activity.
  • RT provides a simple, web interface that allows end users to view their own active tickets. To use this feature, you must send email to RT requesting an RT account (limited to CS faculty only)
  • There are extra RT aliases such as rt-web, rt-database, rt-windows, rt-printing, rt-mac, rt-email, rt-unix, rt-cvc, and rt-network.  Using these aliases (e.g.RT-EMAIL AT CS DOT STONYBROOK DOT EDU), tickets get automatically assigned to the right queue and person, which could speed up their resolution.

Start of Semester Information- This document tells you on how Systems Staff can support you and where to go for help.

Technical FAQs- Users with IT Infrastructure, Internet Access, Email related issues should first try to resolve their problems with the man pages provided with the operating system and/or must check the Technical FAQ for answers.

Members Only Area- is for Internal use only to provide

  • Department Policies
  • Downloads (ssh, antivirus, xwindows, etc)
  • Department specific information

If the network is down or you have issues using RT, you can call the STAFF hotline at 2-2772 (on campus) or 631-632-2772 (off campus)

NOTE: For all CEWIT issues, send email directly to Bin.Zhangatcewit.stonybrook.edu (Bin Zhang) at CEWIT.